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The Department Since 1903

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  Shortly after the dedication of the new firehouse, the company experienced one of their biggest fires. On Saturday afternoon, November 5, 1910, a fire was reported at the Magerson Mill (which later became Infanta Mills, also the scene of one of the largest fires in the Borough in later years. The McKinley Fire Company and two companies from the City of Philadelphia assisted the Rockledge Fire Company. The blaze took several hours to control and endangered several homes before it was brought under control. Poor water pressure and the crowd hampered the fire companies, as most of the community witnessed the event. At the company meeting following the fire, the company officers were authorized to spend up the $500.00 for the replacement of damaged and lost equipment and to further equip the company with needed tools. Mr. Margerson showed his appreciation to the company by sending them $50.00 and 100 cigars (a courtesy that would truly be appreciated by some of the current members of the force).

  During the decade following the occupation of the new firehouse, the company progressed in many areas. One of these dealt with the protection of the firemen in case of an injury or death while in service to the Fire Company. In July of 1908, the members organized a relief association that established a fund to pay the insurance and sick benefits to its members. Also, this association became entitled to funds from the state, paid yearly and based on the insurance premiums paid by the community.

  The Fire Company also entered into mutual aid agreements with several of the surrounding communities - an arrangement that continues to this day. These agreements called for the dispatch of men and equipment to any of the communities in the time of a fire that the town could not handle with its own equipment and manpower. This is an important concept in fire protection, as few towns can afford to maintain all the equipment necessary to battle large fires. In the 1915 rating of the borough's fire protection, the Philadelphia . Engine Co. #56 was listed as an auxiliary fire company upon request.

  For some time, the need for larger quarters had become increasingly apparent, and in 1953, ground was broken for a new fire station at 505 Huntingdon Pike. Members of the Fire Company, working at little or no cost to the organization, largely handled the construction of the building. The company also realized the need to replace its 1928 Seagrave pumper, which had served the company well but was showing its age. So, in 1953, the company purchased an American la France 750 GPM pumper for a total cost of approximately $16,000.00. The new truck arrived before the completion of the new station, and since it was too large to be housed in the old station, the Huntingdon Valley Fire Company allowed it to be kept in their fire station at night. During the day it was left in the uncompleted new station.

  Completion of the new station did not come without incident. One day a concrete truck, fully loaded with cement was parked in the station while unloading cement into the basement. Apparently the floor had not fully cured, because all of a sudden the floor caved in, depositing the truck into the basement. The truck had to be cut apart in order to be removed and to this day a piece of the barrel remains imbedded in the floor.

  1953 also marked the 50th anniversary of the Fire Company. To celebrate, the Borough and the Fire Company hosted a Firemen's Parade on September 5, 1953. Thirty-five companies participated along with various bands and floats. The fire equipment was judged for its cleanliness and appearance, and the Horsham Fire Company emerged as the Best.

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