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The Department Since 1903

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  During the first fifty years of the Fire Company's existence, many events happened which should be noted although they do not all pertain to the physical fighting of a fire. They do, however, influence the effectiveness of the Fire Company. Some of the instances are humorous today. Thus follows some excerpts from the minutes of the Rockledge Volunteer Fire Company No.1


The Company held its annual banquet, charging $1.00 per plate.

March 1919

A player piano was purchased from Wanamaker's for $195.00.

April 1920

A Victrola was purchased for $75.00

May 1920

Memorial Day Committee reported that trees would be planted at Rockledge and Fox Chase Schools in memory of Miss Winchester and two men from Fox Chase who the supreme sacrifice during the World War."

June 1920 The old ladder truck had been sold for the sum of twenty-five dollars
June 1920 The chief reported that papers collected had been sold for the sum of $40.00 and that the old ladder truck had been sold for $25.00.
March 1921 Anniversary banquet was held "with an all night performance" at the cost of $1.50 per ticket.
May 1921 The Auto Committee purchased a REO Triple Combination truck
October 1921

Section 4 of the new by-laws stated the "each apparatus shall carry a crew consisting of 2 nozzle men, 4 hose men, and a plug man, beside the chauffer and officer."

July 1922 The refinancing committee reported that Borough Council had raised the Fire Company's appropriation to $600.00 a year, enabling the company to clear its debts.

A siren was purchased and installed.

October 1924

The Company decided that a system of signals would be worked out for blaring the siren to locate fires in and out of the borough.

May 1927 A committee studying a new apparatus reported that Borough Council would do t nothing on the financing of it. After much discussion, a motion was made and seconded that the secretary write Council asking that they use their best efforts toward placing a 3 mill tax for fire purposes. (In November, 1974 the voters of Rockledge approved a 3 mill tax for fire purposes.)
March 1929

At this meeting, the Fire Company went on record as favoring the plan for the Borough to remain an independent borough.

October 1935

The ladies auxiliary presented the company with 25 silver dollars commemorating the 25th year in the building.

March 1938

Mr. Holtz, of the Second Alarmers Assn., stated they were ready to form their organization and the company members voted to donate a bell for their apparatus and a fire extinguisher.

August 1940

Mr. Ott reported that the company had formed a softball team, which was in need of bats and balls. $5.00 was approved for the team expenses.

December 1941 Chief Harper asked for a suspension of the age limit on "active members during the war", sighting the lack of man power during the day
July 1942

1942 President Miller reported that the Defense Council had blacked out the firehouse

September 1942

Mr. Godfrey discussed obtaining Bomb Insurance for the protection of the property and fire trucks. The company voted to obtain this insurance for $19.28.

  On the 4th of July 1957, the Fire Company was a victim of a freak accident. In the morning the company participated in the annual Independence Day Parade. In the early evening the company was to participate in a similar parade in Bethayres. While enroute to this parade, the main ladder of the Mack began to rise causing the truck to flip over, injuring 5 men. Fortunately, the worst injury was a broken arm, but the truck was a total loss. Later in the year, the company purchased a 1941 Hale City Service Truck, which was in use until 1966. In 1960, the fire company purchased a 1960 American la France , paid for by Fire Company dances. In 1967, the Fire Company purchased an American la France city service ladder truck from the Beach Haven Fire Department. In 1971, the company took delivery of a new 1000 GPM Imperial pumper. It was the first diesel-powered truck for the Fire Company. It cost approximately$32,000 and was the pride of the Company.

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