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Fire Trucks

  The Equiptment
  Fire Trucks Tools Tools
 1905 hand drawn hose reel
 1906 Station N Sylvania
 1910 station dedacation
 1910 Station 501 H Pike
 1921 REO
 1925 American la France Aerial
 1928 Mack -75' Areial
 1941 Hale City Service ladder
 1950 American la France
 1953 annv apparatus 28-53
 1960 American la France
 1971 Imperial
 1974 GMC Rescue
   1992 Ford Saulsbury Rescue  
  1992 Ford Saulsbury Rescue  

Rescue 9 is a 1992 Ford Saulsbury Rescue. The rescue carries up to 8 firefighters and is equipped with a PTO generator, light tower, the Hurst "Jaws of Life" Rescue Tools and also is utilized as a fire ground command post.



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